Ji Eun Tak (지은탁) Edit

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Biography Edit

When Eun Tak was still a fetus her mother got hit by a car, resulting in her health rapidly declining. In her state of distress, she begged for any god listening to help her. Luckily, Kim Shin was in Seoul that night, and responded to her plea. When Shin came to her, her only request was that he save her baby. Shin, saying how she was lucky that she came across "a weak-hearted god who doesn’t want to see anyone die tonight", saved both her and her unborn child's life.

Eun Tak lived with her mother until her 9th birthday, when her mother's spirit was finally permitted to pass into the afterlife, resulting in seeing her mother one last time as a spirit on her birthday. Her mother tells her to live with her aunt, where she is both physically and verbally abused by her aunt and two cousins, most times for not having the life insurance books needed for them to take out money to pay their debt to loan sharks.

She, along with her mother, is known to be a "lost soul" who grew up being able to see ghosts. Being able to do as such she was known to be 'abnormal' and was bullied throughout her academic life. As a result she mainly befriended the ghosts that were only visible to her, helping them reach peace so they could pass onto the afterlife.

Quotes Edit

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